Free ERC404 Generator

ERC404 is a recently introduced token standard within the Ethereum ecosystem has taken over the market, and we’ve been working hard at DeFi Builder to help users through our Free ERC404 Token Generator. Our ERC404 Token Generator will be free for the first 24 hours at launch.

How does the ERC404 Generator Work?

The ERC404 Token Generator allows users to easily launch their ERC404 Token with no coding knowledge needed, on several EVM chains. This is all done in an intuitive step by step filling process, and only requires general DeFi information about token supply and NFT collection setup.

How to Deploy your Free ERC404 token

DeFi Builder's ERC404 Token Generator

To launch your ERC404 token you will have to go through a simple step by step process where you will be required to provide information about your token. Thankfully this is simple, and you will mainly have to define your Token Name, Token Symbol and the Total Supply of your token. 

The current trend for ERC404 tokens has been to keep the token supply and initial NFT collection very small, so keep that in mind if you want to make a project that feels familiar to the general ERC404 audience at the moment.

As far as your Base URI goes, this will be where your NFT collection metadata is hosted, and if you are unfamiliar with this we recommend that you go through a course on how to launch an NFT collection, and how to host its metadata and image files. It’s more simple than it seems at first glance.

Chain selection will also be important for your token, and at the moment we support Linea, Arbitrum, BNB Chain and Polygon.

How can I create my NFT collection?

At the moment we don’t offer an NFT Collection Builder on DeFi Builder, but we highly recommend The NFT Generator as a service that we have used successfully in the past, one that will be easy to use, and one that will generate all of the metadata files you need in an organized manner.

If you would like to use any other services or your own manual way to create NFT collections, feel free to do so. All we need is your base URI to complete the setup process for your ERC404 token.

The NFT Generator

Free ERC404 Token Generator for 24hrs

For the first 24hrs post launch, we have decided to offer the ERC404 Token Generator to users for free, in order to get some feedback and hopefully some happy users that will come back to DeFi Builder for more in the near future. Get your project launched while it’s still free, while keeping in mind that after the free period ends we will still keep very reasonable prices for token generation. DeFi Builder is for the people!

With that being said, despite its potential, it’s crucial to note that ERC-404 is currently deemed “experimental” and unofficial. As of now, it hasn’t undergone the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) review process or an external audit, exposing token holders to potential risks.

We do recommend to any users launching their ERC404 token through DeFi Builder to carefully audit their project through a trusted third party auditor, ensuring that your project is as safe as possible before going live with it.