ETH Bucharest Hackathon Recap

The 2024 ETH Bucharest Hackathon just wrapped up, and DeFi Builder was there, participating with a brand new tool that will define the building blocks for the future of our services.

ETH Bucharest Hackathon and Conference Overview

The ETH Bucharest conference lasted from the 27th to the 30th of March, and was an incredibly well organised event, with countless market leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and talented Web3 developers that we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. 

The venue was great, food and snacks were always present and volunteers at the event were fantastic at managing all of the day to day operations around the venue.

To make sure that we’re not just having fun, we decided to put most of our attention during the event on building a great submission for the Hackathon, in order to create some new services that we can use for the short to long term future of DeFi Builder. 

What were Our Day to Day Activities

Hacker Room at ETH Bucharest

On Day 1 of the event we roamed around the venue and chatted with the various sponsors and hackers, getting a feel of what everyone did and how we could potentially collaborate and help each other in the future. The event organizers gave us an overview on what to expect from the event, hackathon and all of the prizes, and then we moved onto doing some hackathon planning before heading to a side event at night, hosted by Chili Bangs.

On Day 2, the hackathon started and pressure was on, we had the idea in mind, and we got started with the UI and coding of the idea. We created an AI assisted token, presale and airstream builder, that allows users to easily create tokens, fundraise independently without the need of other parties, and perform vested airdrops for their holders. This type of functionality is what we’re envisioning for the V1 of our Modular Builder, with some major polishing needed compared to the hackathon version. The second day of the event ended at about 2AM, with some good progress on the token builder side. 

On Day 3 we had 24hrs left of the hackathon, and the pressure was on. On this day improvements were made to the token builder, the presale and airstream features were created, and the AI functionality was creafted from scratch, completing our submission for the hackathon. On day 3 our developers didn’t sleep at all and ended up being awake for over 35 hours in order to finish the submission. Thankfully all of this effort puts us in a much better position as a product with a lot of utility that will be very essential for DeFi Builder in the future.

What was the submission?

For this hackathon we wanted to focus on a set of features that would be highly beneficial for aspiring Web3 entrepreneurs looking to join the current crypto market boom. Therefore all of our features are aimed at launching tokens, independently performing raises through presales, and airdrop campaigns through vested airstreams.

Hack Submission Homepage

Token Creator

DeFi Builder allows anyone to easily customize a token and deploy it with no coding knowledge required. Any user can also take advantage of our AI model in order to receive advice in their token ideation, and graphics creation process for their token.

Our token builder is meant to simplify the token creation process for any EVM chain users. This is done through audited and severely tested smart contracts, and a thoroughly tested AI model. Our AI model is trained to offer the best suggestions for tokenomics and logic strategization, based on our currently available libraries for the builder.

Presale Builder

Users can easily create a hardcap presale through DeFi Builder, customizing various aspects of their fundraiser, such as token of choice, supply, raise amount and vesting periods. Users creating a presale through DeFi Builder will also receive a private Presale page they can use to perform their raise, with customized information about their project.

Our presale builder strives to simplify fundraising for all users, offering them an easy to use option, with a custom page for their project, and no fee on our end for a successfully performed raise by them.


Our Airstream features allows users to fight one of the most common issues about token airdrops, which is instant dumps and price volatility. This is done through cleverly organized vesting schedules, that gradually release the airdropped amount to users, in order to avoid any sudden dumps.

Track Focus

We strategically selected our features, goals and tech stack in order to apply to certain hackathon sponsor tracks. Our platform inherently supports Arbitrum and Base. We used scaffold-eth from BuidlGuidl as our main tech stack. We support ENS resolution for our users and we tightly integrate with Sablier range-based linear lockup streams for user vesting, including also sponsored batch claims. Besides that, we included an Airstream module where the user can distribute their token to the community via the MerkeStreamer contract.