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Free Smartcontract Generator AI Tool

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an established developer, our platform is your key to unlocking the vast possibilities of the Web3 space.

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AI Automated workflows

Create your custom solidity smart contract for free , using custom templates, building services and auto audit.

Generate Contract

Create secure, efficient smart contracts with a single click.

Auto Audit

Automate your audits for flawless, financial oversight.

One-Click Deploy

Deploy your project instantly with just one click simplicity.

How to create a smartcontract

Leverage our AI’s unparalleled capabilities to generate smart contracts: intuitive design, seamless integration, enhanced security, and automatic optimization for peak performance.

Connect your wallet

Easily link your wallet for a secure, streamlined process.

Select a Template
Choose from curated templates tailored to your specific needs.
Customize with AI Assistance
Utilize AI for personalized, efficient contract customization options.
Deploy with a
single click
Deploy your contract swiftly with one simple click action.

Security Is Our First Priority

Security is paramount: employing cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum protection for all transactions and data.
Backtest contracts for reliability and performance before deployment.
Code Error Checking
Rigorous error checking ensures your code’s accuracy and reliability
Audited Training Data
AI trained with rigorously audited data for unbiased performance.
Hardhat Code Compilation
Utilize Hardhat for seamless smart contract compilation and testing.
AI Code Auditing
Enhanced security with AI auditing for flawless code integrity.
Secure Deployment
Deploy with confidence: top-tier security measures for every contract.

Supporting over 18+ Chains

EVM and Rust chain compatible
Ellipse Shadow

Try Our Templates

Start creating today your own free smart contract using AI
Custom Token

Create Custom Token With 1M total supply, preminted 100k with a 5% buy fees

Customize Token >
Custom NFT

Create a 1000 NFT Collection called "MUSICX" with minting price of 0.1ETH

Customize NFT>
Custom Staking

Create Custom StakingThat allow user to receive my tokens over a period of 6 moths

Customize Token >

Start your own DeFi Journey Today

Launch your DeFi protocol effortlessly in minutes: intuitive interface, automated smart contract generation, and comprehensive security checks ensure a seamless, efficient, and safe deployment.
AI Code Generator
Revolutionize contract creation with our advanced AI generator service.
Code Compiler Service
Efficient, reliable code compilation with our state-of-the-art compiler service.
AI Contract Auditor
Enhance contract security with our AI-driven auditing service.
AI Testing Agent
Automate testing with precision using our AI testing agent service.

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