Areon Network DeFi Builder Partnership

Our new Areon Network partnership has already brough the AI Builder on Areon last week. Today Areon Network is also joining our ERC404 Token Builder as a supported chain, allowing users to easily deploy their ERC404 Token on Areon with no coding knowledge.

What is Areon Network?

The Areon Network stands as a decentralized finance ecosystem centered on AREA, their core cryptocurrency asset.

Proof of Area Algorithm, is a new technology based on the cost reduction of Proof of Stake and the transaction security of Proof of Work. All transactions made in the AREON Blockchain ecosystem is verified on Proof of Area algorithm. PoA is a unique algorithm for transaction verifications.

Areon City is a virtual world that serves as the central hub of the Areon ecosystem. Designed using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, this world offers a wide range of opportunities to Areon users. Areon City is made up of different areas such as Area Lands and Areon Market. Users can participate in events, shop, and access special functions and services in these areas.

ERC 404 Builder

DeFi Builder's ERC404 Token Generator

Thanks to the Areon Network Partnership you can launch your ERC404 token through a simple step by step process where you will be required to provide information about your token. Thankfully this is simple, and you will mainly have to define your Token Name, Token Symbol and the Total Supply of your token. 

You can select between the legacy or gas optimized version of the ERC404 contract, based on your personal needs.

As far as your Base URI goes, this will be where your NFT collection metadata is hosted, and if you are unfamiliar with this we recommend that you go through a course on how to launch an NFT collection, and how to host its metadata and image files. It’s more simple than it seems at first glance.

How can I create my NFT collection?

At the moment we don’t offer an NFT Collection Builder on DeFi Builder, but we highly recommend The NFT Generator as a service that we have used successfully in the past, one that will be easy to use, and one that will generate all of the metadata files you need in an organized manner.

If you would like to use any other services or your own manual way to create NFT collections, feel free to do so. All we need is your base URI to complete the setup process for your ERC404 token.

The NFT Generator

Future Integrations for the Areon Network Partnership

We will continue to expland the Areon Network partnership in order to keep supporting their Blockchain as we bring more features to DeFi Builder.

We hope Areon’s support will increase our chances to scale the project reach and its development timelines in order to bring more quality features to our users.

Stay tuned for the next months, as we will focus heavily on the first version of our Modular Builder, allowing users to easily launch several types of tokens, do fundraisers through their self hosted launchpads and perform vested airdrops for their users, all with no coding required, and intuitive frontend deployment for their launchpad.

The WordPress of Web3 is coming.