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Defi As A Service

Create your own Codeless dApp

Effortlessly launch powerful DeFi projects without coding. Our intuitive codeless tools unlock the door to DeFi entrepreneurship, on MultiversX and all EVM compatible chains.


Hackathon Victories


Ideate and Launch your DeFi Protocol with no coding knowledge

Effortlessly create and publish your DeFi protocol within hours using our intuitive tools, simplifying the complex world of decentralized finance

Create Your Own DeFi Protocol

Create your token and dApp from the ground up with the exact tokenomicsĀ  and fees structure you want.

Customize UI Features

Unleash your creativity with customizable UI features, tailoring your DeFi protocol to stand out.

Launch your dapp Today

Launch your dApp today on MultiversX and any EVM chain, opening your doors to a wider DeFi audience.


configure your token and deFi app through our dashboard

Plug and Play modules that allow you to add multiple features to your dApp, such as: Yield Farms, Pools, Revenue Sharing, Launchpads, NFT Integrations and much more.

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Intuitive Dashboard
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Multiple DeFi Features
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Codeless Edits


Add Further Features to your App

Add further features to your platform as we keep adding more with our release timeline, ensuring that you are delivering as much quality as possible for your community.

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Add more features
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Increase revenue streams
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Remove unused features


Deploy your contracts on any network with no hesitation

Deploy your project with ease, without having to perform any manual work with solidity, react or any backend related issues.

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Codeless Deployments
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Multiple Networks
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Fast and Secure


Manage your DeFi App Features

Manage your farm emissions, NFT staking features and much more, updating them based on market conditions and community requirements.

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Add and Remove Farms
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Edit Farms Emissions and Fees
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Keep your protocol constantly updated

Pre Configured Modules

Utilize our robust Ready Made Modules for DeFi

Leverage our suite of battle-tested, robust modules to kickstart your DeFi application. Our pre-configured solutions are designed for seamless integration and high performance, ensuring that you can deploy with confidence.

Instant Deployment Modules

Accelerate your launch with pre-configured modules for NFTs, Tokens, Dexes, Farming Platform, Launchpads, Games and more, all optimized for efficiency and security.

Audited Smart Contracts and Tested Front End

Build with confidence using our modules that prioritize security; featuring smart contracts rigorously audited and a frontend architecture proven under fire.

Create a DeFi Module

AI-Powered Custom DApp Modules Generator

Transform your DeFi concept into a working DApp with our AI-driven generator. Our intelligent model tailors modules to your precise requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

AI DApp Generator: Our advanced AI crafts custom smart contracts based on your requests and thoroughly tests them, aligning with the highest standards of security and performance.

Tailored Smart Contracts: Receive bespoke smart contracts that are meticulously designed and tested by our trained AI to meet your unique DeFi specifications.

Customizable Frontend Creation: Our AI extends its expertise to your user interface, providing an editable, user-friendly frontend integrated with your freshly created smart contract.

Audited Smart Contracts

Peace of mind with audited smart contracts, ensuring security and reliability.

Custom Domain and DNS

Personalize your DeFi brand with custom domain and DNS settings.

Platform Ownership

Full platform ownership, as we transfer smart contract control to you.

Our Features

Enhanced Capabilities: Extra Platform Features Unlocked

Our platform offers a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, enabling seamless management of your DeFi project. Effortlessly oversee tokenomics, yield farming, liquidity, analytics, and more with ease.
Real Time Usage Analytics
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Flexible Fees Structure
Big Update
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99.5% Uptime Infrastructure
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Extensive Documentation

Launch Your Custom DeFi Protocol Without Coding

Experience the ease of launching your DeFi protocol without any coding using DeFi Builder. Start earning with confidence and simplicity. Embrace the future of decentralized finance today.
Select Chain

Select the perfect blockchain environment with DeFi Builder's intuitive tools for seamless DeFi protocol creation.

Select DeFi Features

Enable desired features effortlessly with DeFi Builder, customizing your DeFi protocol to match your vision and requirements.

Customize UI

Elevate user experience with DeFi Builder's customizable UI, tailoring your DeFi platform to stand out and engage users.

Deploy & Enjoy

Effortlessly deploy your DeFi project with DeFi Builder and delight in its success and positive impact.

Available Modules

Decentralized Exchange

Enhance liquidity and trading with decentralized exchange addon.


Efficiently launch tokens with our powerful launchpad addon.

NFT Booster

Elevate rewards with NFT booster addon for DeFi projects.

Locked Farms

Controlled growth with locked farms addon for DeFi projects.

Revenue Share

Fair yield distribution via revenue share addon for DeFi projects.

Mini Games

Boost engagement with mini games addon for DeFi projects.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

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Harshed Richard

CEO Officer

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Anna Corbin

Marketing Manager

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Earnest McCarthy

Sales Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Answers Right now

Our FAQ section addresses common queries, providing comprehensive answers to guide and assist you throughout your DeFi journey.
DeFi Builder is a cutting-edge codeless DeFi application builder, empowering you to create powerful DeFi projects effortlessly.
Absolutely! With DeFi Builder, you have full control to customize tokenomics, farming strategies, and more.
Yes, security is paramount. DeFi Builder deploys audited smart contracts and adheres to industry best practices to ensure your project’s safety.

DeFi Builder supports a wide range of blockchains including MultiversX and several EVM compatible chains.


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